As it so happens ADA seems to be overdue for an appreciation against BTC on the weekly chart.

This is because ADA has historically fallen against ETH for around eight weeks before seeing a multi-week rally.

As you can see ADA has been falling against ETH for about eight weeks and is showing signs of a reversal.

Note that this does not necessarily translate to a higher price for ADA in fiat terms but ADA’s daily and weekly price action in fiat terms suggests it.

Could see a 50 gain in the coming weeks but I must stress that this ultimately depends on whether the crypto market sees a short-term recovery.

I should also note that Cardano’s Vassal hard fork will expose the project to the same sorts of issues Ethereum could experience during its upgrade.

This is probably why other Ethereum competitors such as Solana appear to be on the brink of a bigger breakout against both ETH and the USD.